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Austin Pets Alive! | Give Animals – like Jolly – a Chance at Life!

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Dec 20, 2018

At Austin Pets Alive!, we’re given the opportunity to see so many beloved animals have a second, and at times a third, chance at life and love. Despite all the victories we’ve had along the way, each day we are faced with a truly sad reality – that without us, and without you, so many of these precious lives would be lost. Lives like Jolly’s, who recently arrived at APA! after being shot with a shotgun.

Found as a stray and taken to Austin Animal Center, two-year-old Jolly’s injuries from the shotgun were so severe that he was immediately transferred into the care of our Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic. Our clinic is a special part of our innovative lifesaving programs and is equipped to treat and rehabilitate some of our most vulnerable animals – animals like Jolly.

While we don’t know exactly how or why he was shot, we do know that the bullet hit Jolly in his front right leg and then shattered throughout his body. With most of his severe pain centralized to the area around the initial point of entry, our clinic is working to manage his pain as well as to prevent infection with the help of his medical foster while determining the best care plan for Jolly. His x-rays have been sent to an orthopedic specialist to determine if his leg will need to be amputated, or if surgery to remove the bullet fragments will be the best course of action to relieve Jolly of his pain and help him begin the long road to recovery – both physically and emotionally.

It is possible for Jolly to live a healthy, happy life (no matter if he has four legs or three) after this trying time, but the reality is that we’re Jolly’s last hope at a second chance – and we need you to make that chance possible. Regardless of whether Jolly needs his leg amputated or surgery to remove the bullet shards, his surgery and continued care will run upwards of $1,000, not including the emergency medical care he’s already received.

When you donate to APA! and the lifesaving programs like our Medical Triage and Wellness Clinic, you make saving lives like Jolly’s possible. Lives who don’t stand a chance anywhere else.

Donate today, and help our clinic support the recovery and rehabilitation of sweet Jolly, and the thousands of animals that enter our medical clinic every year!

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