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Austin Pets Alive! | Austin Pets Alive! & American Pets Alive! Fly 41…

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Oct 21, 2021

At 4 a.m. on Sunday, our transport team loaded 41 dogs on a plane to safety.

These pets came from nine overcrowded, under-resourced Texas animal shelters where they faced death. Caramel, Roux, Penn, Crimson, and 37 other dogs were flown to shelters in Idaho, Utah, and Colorado, to be adopted into loving homes.

Austin Pets Alive! and American Pets Alive! coordinated this lifesaving transport, connecting the Texas shelters with receiving organizations Animal Friends Alliance, Idaho Humane Society, Freedom Bound Hounds, My Second Home Rescue, and Paws for Life Utah.

Thank you to KVUE for sharing the story and spreading awareness about how our rescue transport saves lives!

Our Town Lake Animal Center campus is a connection hub, where we give medical exams to the pets before they are transported to their new homes. (We gave them some sweet kisses and belly rubs, too.)

Our friends at Dog Is My CoPilot delivered all of these pups to the final stops on their journey to finding new families. Our rescue transport was supported by Cuddly.com, Petco Love, and PEDIGREE Foundation.

American Pets Alive! is the nationwide educational and outreach program of Austin Pets Alive!

APA! is a leader in No Kill sheltering in Austin—America’s largest No Kill city—helping under-resourced animal shelters in our home state of Texas give pets a chance at the life they deserve through rescue transports, lifesaving programs, assisting with medical crises, and so much more.

AmPA! brings these innovative programs designed to save the most at-risk homeless companion animals to the country as a whole. These are programs we have been innovating, growing, implementing, and sharing for over a decade.

Our work in Austin directly saves lives here and across the country, and serves as a model and inspiration for establishing and sustaining a No Kill community.

Rescue transport and crisis response are critical ways we do this work. Our innovative approach to transport is a lifesaving solution to move at-risk animals to areas with higher adoption demand.

“We have been working hard to help Texas shelters improve existing lifesaving programming and launch new initiatives. However, many of these shelters are not in a position to improve their current operations when every kennel is full and they are struggling to get through each day,” said Clare Callison, American Pets Alive!, Maddie’s® Director of National Pet Supply and Demand.

“By being able to connect these Texas shelters into the national pipeline of transport support, we are able to save lives, open more kennels, and start building lasting program support.”

Thanks to this rescue mission, 41 dogs now have a second chance at life, in their new homes. What we do here in Austin, saves lives across the nation.

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